Price list

Pricelist of courses

Public courses count from three up to six participants. Courses that you can attend in the academic year 2018/2019 are to be found in the timetable section. You can also find information about the current occupancy rate there.

Courses are run once a week for 90 minutes, in case of children courses, for 60 minutes. The course fee does not include school books, in case of conversation courses, all materials are included. This pricelist is valid in the academic year 2018/2019. In order to enroll, the participants have to pay the course fee. After the enrollment payments cannot be transferred back.

course type extent fee per school year
children course 1x 60 minutes 4 090,- CZK
general course 1x 90 minutes 5 990,- CZK
conversation course 1x 90 minutes 5 990,- CZK

Pricelist of individual classes

By individual classes, classes for one to two students are meant, which guarantees that the classes are tailor-made. The classes are run according to the previously scheduled terms and chosen materials.

type of classes extent fee per class
individual/twin 1x 60 minutes 390,- CZK
individual/twin 1x 90 minutes 590,- CZK

Pricelist of business classes

Business classes respect the same rules as individual classes, they are tailor-made according to the conditions and needs of your business. The classes are to be paid monthly, the invoice is issued on the basis of the attendance list. We have experience with courses supported by the Labour Office. We also offer in-company classes.